OneTalk Goes Global – Territory Q Issue 7

An innovative communication tool created in Darwin is helping people from around the world.
OneTalk’s Talking Books and Talking Posters have been translated into 22 languages in Victoria.
They are mainly being used to inform refugees and non-English speaking people about immunisation.

Crossing a Cultural Divide – TerritoryQ Issue 6

A brilliant business idea was born at a Chinese train station more than 25 years ago.
Publisher and creative thinker Anya Lorimer was 15 and standing among hundreds of passengers talking in Cantonese.
Suddenly, through the crowd she heard someone speaking English.

Best of Days Revisited – TerritoryQ Issue 3

Johnny – nicknamed Old Johnny Devil in his community – was declared by Time magazine 24 years ago to be the symbolic last of a heroic breed of Indigenous men who helped open up the wild north on horseback.
Most of the work nowadays is done by motorbike and helicopter. And there are precious few Aboriginal people working in the industry.

Many Languages, One Talk – TerritoryQ Issue 2

How do you talk to someone who doesn’t understand your language? What good are written translations to someone who cannot read? Finding a solution to some of the communication issues many Indigenous people face has proven to be time consuming and expensive. Indigenous people spoke an estimated 250 languages in Australia at the time of […]