Illustrations are a popular way to present visual communications for Indigenous audiences due to their cultural sensitivity. They can be based on photographs so accuracy is assured and do not date, ensuring longevity of your campaign. OneTalk works with Campaign Edge Sprout’s Illustrators who can provide diverse illustrative styles from simple line art to detailed caricatures, customised to suit budgets and timeframes. These illustrations are examples of different styles which can be used to bring your talking project to life.


Nick Watson, Illustrator - Campaign Edge Sprout

Nick has been working on Indigenous illustrations with Campaign Edge Sprout for over 10 years. His style is simple yet full of expression.

Nick is originally from England and his talent for illustration grew from an extensive career in design.

Nick Watson is the illustrator of the Grog Running Campaign (see Case Study). He has also been the preferred illustrator for Menzies school of Health for several years.

Nick is sought after because his style is so well received in regional and remote areas. His work has been used, focus tested and requested by organisations such as Department of Health, Department of Corrections, and Alcohol and Other Drugs.