Talking Posters

Talking Posters

Talking Posters are our most popular product. Customised to meet the needs of our clients, and shipped across Australia, Talking Posters allow you to deliver a controlled message independent of any power source, in any location.

Lightweight and durable, Talking Poster artwork is printed on to 6mm thick material.

Spaces for the audio units are routered into the reverse of the poster so the final product sits flush on the wall.

Audio is loaded onto each unit via a converter to ensure messages cannot be tampered with.

Installation is simply with velcro, double-sided tape or nailed to a wall or notice board.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in my quote?
Our quote includes the printing and supply of posters with audio units inserted.
It does not include language translations, artwork costs or freight.


What size poster can I have?
We supply posters in a range of sizes including A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0.
See size guide below

How many audio units can I have on each poster?
This depends on the size of the poster.
The following list indicates maximum numbers for each poster size.
• A5 - 1 buttons
• A4 - 2 buttons
• A3 - 3 buttons
• A2 - 6 buttons
• A1- 12 buttons
• A0 – 15 buttons


Can you create artwork?
Yes, we work together with Campaign Edge Sprout to provide artwork.
This is quoted on a separate basis, directly to you by Campaign Edge Sprout.

Can you design illustrations?
Yes, Campaign Edge Sprout can provide illustrations, which are especially popular within Indigenous communications.
This is quoted on a separate basis, directly to you by Campaign Edge Sprout.

Can I supply my own artwork?
Yes, we accept artwork created by our clients however OneTalk takes no responsibility for the quality of supplied artwork.

What format should I supply artwork in?
A high resolution (300 dpi) PDF file with crop and a 5mm bleed.
Buttons for audio speakers must be included on the artwork and located a minimum of 3cm from the edge of the poster.
Please use the button template on the Supplying Artwork factsheet for reference.


Can OneTalk Technology arrange translations and audio recordings on my behalf?
Yes, we can provide a quote for translation and audio recording once a script is received from you.

Where can I have audio files recorded in language?
Within the NT, the Aboriginal Interpreter Service can arrange translations and recordings of files.
Other states and Territories can access translator services through local government (see translations fact sheet).

Can I have more than one language?
Yes. Each audio unit can contain a different language.

How long can my audio message be?
Each audio unit has the capacity to record up to a 60 second message.

What format should I supply the audio files in?
Please supply high quality  files in either .MP3 or .WAV file formats.


How long does it take to process an order?
The standard turnaround time of your order is approximately 3 weeks from the date of supplied or signed off artwork. Please allow extra time for freight and delivery.

How do I secure a poster to the wall?
Posters can be secured to a wall using nails, velcro or industrial grade, double-sided tape which is available from signwriting businesses and hardware stores.

Can I change the batteries myself?
Yes, simply peel the sticker and backing from the back of your poster and gently lift the audio units containing the batteries. Batteries can be popped out and replaced.
LR1130 is the type of battery, but some battery companies call them by different names (e.g. Energiser:  A76 Alkaline Coin Batteries, Duracell: LR54)
They are very common - you can find them at Officeworks, Winc (Staples), or your local supermarket.

How will I receive my posters?
Talking Posters are delivered by local courier within Darwin and Palmerston, Northern Territory. All deliveries outside of these areas will be delivered by Toll. Freight charges are additional and will be quoted once the job has been packaged and weighed.