About OneTalk Technology

How do you talk to someone who doesn’t understand your language?
What good are written translations to someone who can’t read?

Difficulties involved with communicating with Aboriginal and multilingual audiences are well documented. Finding a solution has proved to be time-consuming and expensive – until now.

OneTalk Technology overcomes language and literacy boundaries by creating products that talk in any language. OneTalk finally breaks down the communication barrier.

Specialising in engaging with Aboriginal audiences, OneTalk is applicable to all applications where language and literacy are limited.

This technology does not rely on the audience having the skills to read the printed message because it talks to them in their own language at the press of a button.

Through the need to reach Aboriginal audiences and also to preserve language, Anya Lorimer created a unique company – OneTalk. We offer ways to reach Aboriginal audiences with a controlled message, in language and in a medium that is engaging, flexible and accessible. The idea of communicating in language is not new, however we are taking traditional marketing tools, such as posters and giving them a new dimension.

“Wherever you are from... Whatever language you speak...
OneTalk can help you... they are the ones who can deliver a message from the big city to you.”
Jeremiah Baker – Arnhem Land


Because Aboriginal languages were traditionally only spoken it makes sense that audio is the key to the communication gap. This is the first set of integrated tools of its kind in Australia and only through experience and direct consultation with elders of Aboriginal communities OneTalk was able to develop a better understanding of language, cultural sensitivities and communication issues in regional and remote areas across the Northern Territory.

Whilst we work hard to deliver messages in Aboriginal languages – OneTalk products have the same affect in any spoken language. It is a multicultural communication tool – globally, nationally and locally – the applications are endless.

OneTalk has developed a solid working relationship with Aboriginal Interpreter Services (AIS). AIS boasts a register of 395 active Aboriginal interpreters, covering 104 languages/dialects. The team combined to be awarded as finalists in the Northern Territory Department of Business Innovation Awards in 2010.

OneTalk was also successful as a State Winner and National Finalist at the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Awards in 2014 for the category of Corporate Social Responsibility: 'Closing the Gap on Communication Challenges for Indigenous Australians'.

OneTalk products are effectively reaching audiences in their own language in 52 communities across the Territory. The technology is currently being used by the Federal Government, Northern Territory Police, Australian Central Credit Union, Traditional Credit Union, Emergency Services, Menzies, NT Libraries, Department of Justice, Department of Housing, Department of Health and more.

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