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OneTalk is dedicated to improving communication and social wellbeing for Indigenous Australians who live in regional and remote communities. OneTalk talking posters are IP patent protected and are the only independent communication tool that can deliver a controlled message, targeting a specific demographic, in several languages at the press of a button. Talking Albums or books and Apps extend the messages into stories and broader resources.

Communication in remote communities strategically requires tactics that address cultural and customary challenges with kin, skin and clan, as well as the traditional transient nature of Indigenous people. OneTalk has extended the communication tool nationally into any language anywhere in the world. OneTalk tools overcome these challenges and remove communication barriers for generations of people who have low numeracy and literacy, and do not speak English as their first language.

OneTalk assists in preserving Australia’s Indigenous linguistic heritage and supporting multicultural demographics in Australia with effective communication in their first language.

With 20 years experience working in marketing and communications in the Northern Territory, director Anya Lorimer believes that effective communication and language are the foundation stones for closing the gap and improving Indigenous disadvantage. Anya is the sole owner of OneTalk, which was specifically developed to create a platform to address communication issues in the Northern Territory. However, the products are now distributed nationally and a current project spans 52 communities across five states.

OneTalk was the Northern Territory winner of the Australian Marketing Awards and a national finalist in 2014 and 2015. OneTalk has also won two innovation awards since commencing operations in 2009.

Our Products

How do you talk to someone who doesn’t understand your language? What good are written translations to someone who can’t read?

Difficulties involved with communicating with Indigenous and multi–lingual audiences are well documented. OneTalk assists our clients by developing audio tools designed to close the gap. Our products are the only patented communication tools of their kind in Australia.

Talking Posters

Lightweight and durable, talking poster artwork is printed on to 6mm thick material. Spaces for the audio units are routered into the reverse of the poster so the final product sits flush on the wall. Audio is loaded into each unit via a converter to ensure messages cannot be tampered with. Installation is simply with velcro, double-sided tape or nailed to a wall or notice board.

Talking Albums

Featuring 200 minutes of recording time across 20 internal pages, each with its own unique play/stop button. Talking albums have an earphone socket for personal listening and are supplied with batteries and a faux leather cover. Messages in a talking album cannot be re-recorded, meaning you can be assured that messages left behind in a community will remain as intended.


Illustrations are a culturally sensitive and appropriate way to depict a scene or story. They can be based on photographs so talent permission is not required and accuracy is assured. They also do not date, ensuring longevity of your campaign. OneTalk works with Illustrators who can provide diverse illustrative styles from simple line art to detailed caricatures, customised to suit budgets and timeframes.

Talking Apps

Digitally published apps can be instantly accessed from any location online via a download from the Apple App store, which can also link to your website. Apps can include voiceover, video, or hyperlinks to web and can be created using artwork and voiceover from Talking Albums or Talking Posters, extending your reach and conveying a more diverse message.

Integrated Communications

We can partner with you to develop your talking product audio and artwork and adapt it for use across a number of integrated communications. Television, radio and digital Apps can be created to provide value and allows communications to be extended across multiple channels for maximum reach.


The Northern Territory is one of the most linguistically diverse areas in the world. Difficulties involved with communicating with Indigenous and multi-lingual audiences are well documented and because Indigenous languages are traditionally only spoken, it makes sense that audio is the key to bridging the communication gap. Professional translations ensure an accurate and powerful message can be delivered in language.

Our Case Studies

Ramingining School

A series of Talking Posters were created with the help of senior students from Ramingining, using their own recorded audio messages and artwork. The Posters were produced by OneTalk and presented to the Ramingining health clinic. Ownership of the project and the use of their own messages created a great sense of empowerment and pride within the community.

Grog Running Integrated Campaign

One Talk supplied audio products for 31 communities for The Department of Justice.

Grog Running and alcohol health messages in 10 Indigenous languages were created as animated TV adverts, animated language web and MMS files, three variations of Talking Posters and 50 Talking Albums.

Prime Minister and Cabinet Talking Posters

The Federal Government’s Remote School Attendance Strategy targeted school attendance in Indigenous communities with the distribution of Talking Posters to 57 communities nationally in over 21 languages. The message spoke directly to children and parents about the importance of school attendance and school based initiatives.

Heart Foundation Talking Posters

The Heart Foundation created a series of Talking Posters in Indigenous languages, explaining the early symptoms of having heart attack and the action required. The posters were highly effective in communicating the dangers and warning signals, preventing potentially unnecessary deaths.

Department of Justice Talking Albums

The Department of Justice created a Talking Album aimed at preventing Indigenous men from breaking their parole conditions. The Album told the story of a man on parole and illustrated the kinds of behaviors that would both guarantee freedom or threaten his parole conditions. The Album was also developed into a digital App.

Northern Territory Medicare Local Talking Posters

Northern Territory Medicare Local developed talking posters to assist Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people to be able to access Care Coordination Services. Care Coordinators can assist clients diagnosed with one or more of five chronic conditions and help them navigate mainstream GP and specialist systems.  The posters won the People’s choice – Best Poster Award, at the Australian Health Promotion Association and CSIRO Publishing.

Menzies Talking Posters

Menzies School of Health created a Talking Poster to educate Indigenous audiences about lung heath and coughing. The message explained the difference between a wet and dry cough and explained when medical treatment may be required. The illustrated posters were very well received and also adopted by a Government Health Department in QLD.

Networking Health Victoria Talking Albums

Talking Albums were created in European and Asian languages to provide health clinics with tools to communicate important information about immunisation. The pre and post immunisation check ensured people were aware of what would occur during immunisation and the short term side effects they may experience afterwards. Clinic staff were able to confidently communicate with all patients from across the community.

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