Case Studies

Case Studies

National campaigns and posters have been supplied to: Prime Minister and Cabinet Office, Australian Medicare Local, Crimestoppers QLD, NSW and WA, Relationships Australia, SA Fire Council, Gold CoastHospital Foundation, Department of State Development, Heart Foundation WA, VIC, the Lung Foundation of Australia, and the Australian Cancer Council.

These are but a few of our clients who have seen the benefits of OneTalk Technolgy’s products.

See below some examples of previous Talking Products that we have produced.

Ramingining School

A series of Talking Posters were created with the help of senior students from Ramingining using their own recorded audio messages and artwork. The Posters were produced by OneTalk and presented to the Ramingining Health Clinic. Ownership of the project and the use of their own messages created a great sense of empowerment and pride within the community.


A series of Talking Posters were created for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet called "Don't Make Smokes Your Story", a Quitline initiative.

95 posters produced in 15 languages were sent across Australia as part of this project.

Your Healthcare Rights

The NT Department of Health have produced this poster a number of times for use in hospitals and medical centres throughout the NT.

A0 in size, the poster boasts 21 buttons, showing 7 different topics of healthcare rights in three languages.

Heart Foundation Talking Posters

The Heart Foundation created a series of Talking Posters in Indigenous languages, explaining the early symptoms of having heart attack and the action required.

The posters were highly effective in communicating the dangers and warning signals, preventing potentially unnecessary deaths.

Grog Running Integrated Campaign

One Talk supplied audio products for 31 communities for The Department of Justice.

Grog Running and alcohol health messages in 10 Indigenous languages were created as animated TV adverts, animated language web and MMS files, three variations of Talking Posters and 50 Talking Albums.

Prime Minister and Cabinet Talking Posters

The Federal Government’s Remote School Attendance Strategy targeted school attendance in Indigenous communities with the distribution of Talking Posters to 57 communities nationally in over 21 languages.

The message spoke directly to children and parents about the importance of school attendance and school based initiatives.

Menzies Talking Posters

Menzies School of Health created a Talking Poster to educate Indigenous audiences about lung heath and coughing.

The message explained the difference between a wet and dry cough and explained when medical treatment may be required.

The illustrated posters were very well received and also adopted by a Government Health Department in QLD.

Northern Territory Medicare Local Talking Posters

Northern Territory Medicare Local developed talking posters to assist Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people to be able to access Care Coordination Services.

Care Coordinators can assist clients diagnosed with one or more of five chronic conditions and help them navigate mainstream GP and specialist systems.  

The posters won the People’s choice – Best Poster Award, at the Australian Health Promotion Association and CSIRO Publishing.

Catholic Care - Suicide Prevention

CatholicCare NT created a series of Talking Posters and Talking Albums to address the high suicide rates amongst Indigenous people in the NT.

We produced 70 Talking Posters with different designs and in multiple languages, together with 100 Talking Albums telling "The Minta Story", and printed books of this story as well.