Talking Albums

Talking Albums

Featuring 200 minutes of recording time across 20 internal pages, each with its own unique play/stop button.

Talking albums have an earphone socket for personal listening and are supplied with batteries and a faux leather cover.

Messages in a talking album cannot be re-recorded, meaning you can be assured that messages left behind in a community will remain as intended.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in my quote?
Our quote includes the supply of Talking Albums with a printed cover, up to 20 printed internal pages and up to 200 minutes of audio inserted.
It does not include language translations, artwork design costs, or freight.


What size Talking Album can I have?
Talking Albums are available in A5 size only.


Can you create artwork?
Yes, we work together with Campaign Edge Sprout to provide artwork.
This is quoted on a separate basis, directly to you by Campaign Edge Sprout.

Can you design illustrations?
Yes, Campaign Edge Sprout can provide illustrations, which are especially popular within Indigenous communications.
This is quoted on a separate basis, directly to you by Campaign Edge Sprout.

Can I supply my own artwork?
Yes, we accept artwork created by our clients however OneTalk takes no responsibility for the quality of supplied artwork.

What format should I supply artwork in?
A high resolution (300 dpi) PDF file with crop and a 5mm bleed.
This should be sized at 12.5 x 17.5cm for internal pages and 14 x 9cm for the cover image.


What are the audio limits?
Talking Albums cater to 200 minutes of recorded audio split across 20 pages.

Where can I have audio files recorded in language?
Within the NT, the Aboriginal Interpreter service can arrange translations and recordings of files.
Other states and Territories can access translator services through local government (see translations factsheet)

Can I have more than one language?
Yes you can have as many languages as required, however please ensure your artwork indicates if there is a change in language within your album.

What format should I supply the audio files in?
Please supply high quality  files in either .MP3 or .WAV file formats.



How long does it take to process an order?
The standard turnaround time of your order is approximately three weeks from the date of supplied or signed off artwork. Please allow extra time for freight and delivery.

Can you supply extra batteries?
Yes, OneTalk supplies batteries however you can also purchase standard AAA batteries at your local supermarket.

How will I receive my Talking Albums?
Talking Albums are delivered by local courier within Darwin and Palmerston, Northern Territory.
All deliveries outside of these areas will be delivered by Toll. Freight charges are additional and will be quoted once the job has been packaged and weighed.